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Asked by Sukashish Kaur

How can I improve my logic for solving questions ?

Mentors Answer

Answered By Mentor Madhura Mehendale

A good way to develop logic is through practice. Whenever you encounter questions for which you are not able to come up with an approach or an optimal approach, it's important to learn the concepts/ideas and reiterate them over several other problems to get a good grasp of the concepts and improve your critical thinking skills. Another issue could be a lack of clear understanding of certain concepts and not a stronghold of the fundamentals of DSA which could further your struggle. Hence, it's important to involve a cycle of solving and learning (analyzing) the logic/algorithms. You could also be facing anxiety/pressure due to interviews which could further impact your thinking skills, so I advise you to practice with a more relaxed and composed mode. It is quite common to get frustrated when you don't come up with a solution/finding it hard to implement certain logic, in such cases it always helps to take a step back and move to other topics, then re-visit the current topic, this helps you gain some confidence. Also, make sure to choose questions that are only slightly challenging and take up harder questions after you have built up a good foundation, it can be discouraging to attempt harder questions in the initial stages and it's possible for you to lose motivation this way. Hope this helps, good luck :)

Answered By Mentor Komal Pal

Hi Sukhashish,

Practise pattern wise and then go with random

It will work...

If you still have any doubt or want more clarification, you can connect with me :

Answered By Mentor Sakshi Sharma

Logic can be developed only through more and more practice. After you have already done a certain amount of questions, you are able to identify some patterns. Not only practicing more questions, your goal while solving a question should be to identify all the possible approaches for the question and write them down along with thoroughly working on the most optimal solution. These quick notes will help in your revision as well.


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