Top 5 Online Mentoring Platforms to Find a Mentor in 2023

Searching for a mentor? Here is the 2023 list of top 5 online mentoring platforms reviewed in detail to help you find a mentor today to achieve your goals.



Mentorship is underrated.

In a world where self-made success stories often steal the spotlight, it is easy to overlook the role of mentors. 

Mentors can have a great impact on shaping our professional journeys.

That’s why, we have curated a list of 5 mentor websites that are transforming careers and taking individuals to great heights. 🌟

You get to connect with industry professionals through these mentor websites and find a mentor who can help you reach your goals.

So without further ado, let's explore the best online mentoring platforms that can pave your way to success.

📌 Don’t forget to read till the end because we also have listed down the comparison of all the platforms based on important mentorship factors.

Remember your dream career is just a mentor away!

Let's get started with the list of best mentor websites. 👇

The Best 5 Online Mentoring Platforms to Find a Mentor in 2023

1. Preplaced

Mentoring Platform - Preplaced

A 1:1 personalised mentoring platform that provides long-term mentorship on a month-to-month basis.

The goal is to help the mentees build a strong relationship with their mentor over an extended period.

What sets Preplaced apart from other mentor websites is its unique “Mentorship till you Get Placed” approach.

Mentors on Preplaced help their mentees to get placed in their dream companies by providing all the necessary support in the form of learning resources, mock interviews, resume reviews, upskilling, career guidance, referrals, etc. 🌟

The platform covers a wide range of domains and gives the option to select mentors from your target companies including their background, experience and designations. 

📌 The mentors chosen go through a rigorous selection process to maintain a high standard of mentorship.

How does it work?

How Preplaced Works

Getting started at Preplaced is pretty easy. ✔️

All you have to do is:

⭐️ Browse through a list of mentors such as below 👇

Preplaced Mentor Profile - Aakash SethiPreplaced Mentor Profile - Vikas BharytPreplaced Mentor Profile - Kaushal Kumar

⭐️ Find a mentor you like and book a FREE trial session with them

⭐️ Start preparing for your goals under the 1:1 mentorship program

⭐️ Get placed in your target company


  • A one-on-one mentorship platform, ideal for individualised guidance
    • The mentors are from top tech companies including MAANG
      • A monthly subscription-based model where the mentors set their own prices
        • You get an option to opt for a free 30-minute trial session with the selected mentor
          • The program is budget-friendly and the prices can range anywhere from Rs 5,000 to Rs 25,000 per month
            • You can prepare for both technical and behavioural interviews
              • The platform covers a wide range of domains
                • Each user gets their own customised and flexible plan
                  • There is no limit to the number of sessions, it is decided by you and your mentor
                    • The preparation duration is flexible and is set after the mentor evaluates your current skill levels and knowledge
                      • Under the program, you get weekly goals, tasks and challenges, learning resources, etc.
                        • The platform also has a money-back guarantee policy (terms and conditions applied)

                          2. MentorCruise

                          MentorCruise Homepage

                          This is a 1:1 mentor website where you can connect with mentors from top tech companies such as Google, Microsoft, Facebook, etc. 

                          You can browse through a list of mentor profiles and select the one that fits your needs.

                          MentorCruise also follows a subscription-based model where you need to pay a monthly fee for the mentorship sessions.

                          You can connect on chat or calls depending on your and the mentor's preferences.

                          Finally, you get a 7-day free trial period on the platform to try out their mentorship program and see if it works for you.


                          • A 1:1 personalised mentorship platform
                            • Mentorship domains include tech, career, business and design
                              • The platform has a monthly subscription-based model with each mentor setting their own prices which can range anywhere from $70 to $550 per month
                                • You can also opt for a 30-minute introductory call priced at $39 or a one-off session starting from $79
                                  • You can check the one-off sessions provided by each mentor on their profiles
                                    • You can connect with the mentors via chat, emails or calls
                                      • You get weekly goals, tasks and challenges under your mentorship program

                                        Go to their website

                                        Interview Kickstart

                                        Interview Kickstart Homepage

                                        Interview Kickstart is a tech mentoring platform that helps users to improve their interview skills and excel in technical interviews.

                                        The platform offers live instructor-led classes in a collaborative virtual environment.

                                        You get mock interview sessions to practise your coding, problem-solving and communication skills.

                                        You also get personalised feedback on your performance in the mock interview sessions to track your progress over time.

                                        The platform provides you with 3 kinds of programs -

                                        ▶️ StepUp - This is a self-paced interview prep program of less than 2 months where you get 10 mentor sessions/ mock interviews.

                                        ▶️ LevelUp - An instructor-led program of 3+ months to help you prepare for interviews where you get 15 mentor sessions/ mock interviews. 

                                        ▶️ SwitchUp - This is also an instructor-led live course where you get 11+ months to upskill and switch to a new tech role.

                                        You get 15 mentor sessions/ mock interviews and can choose your domain from data scientist, AI/ML Engineer, backend developer or full-stack developer.


                                        • The curriculum is designed by MAANG Tech leads
                                          • The programs have small batch sizes for better interaction
                                            • You get 18 interview prep courses to choose from
                                              • Extremely expensive and the pricing starts from $2400 and goes up to $11000 for the long-term program with money back guarantee (terms & conditions applied)
                                                • You get a trial option that costs around $600
                                                  • They also provide placement assistance

                                                    Go to their website


                                                    Scaler Homepage

                                                    Scaler by InterviewBit is an online mentoring platform that provides comprehensive programs and training for aspiring tech professionals to crack their technical interviews. 

                                                    They have curriculums designed for beginners, intermediate and advanced levels across multiple tech domains.

                                                    Candidates enrolled in scaler programs can access personalised mentorship and connect with industry professionals to get their doubts cleared.

                                                    The mentors help you with mock interviews, referrals, career counselling, etc. 

                                                    They provide different types of mentorship programs and the duration can last anywhere between 12-15 months depending on the type of program you are choosing.

                                                    Recently they have also launched their own 4 years bachelor+masters program.


                                                    • Focused majorly on providing technical upskilling and excelling in competitive programming
                                                      • Provides a structured curriculum from beginner to advanced levels
                                                        • The platform offers live instructor-led classes
                                                          • You get 1:1 mentorship by experienced professionals
                                                            • Again, this is extremely expensive and the price can range from 2.5 lakhs to 3.5 lakhs (they provide EMI options)
                                                              • It has a strong industry network and can help with placements
                                                                • It also has a discussion forum where you can engage in peer-to-peer learning 

                                                                  Go to their website


                                                                  TheMuse Homepage

                                                                  TheMuse is a popular career resources platform that helps users find job opportunities and enhance their professional development. 

                                                                  It provides career coaching services where one can receive resume reviews, interview preparation coaching, personalised career guidance, etc.

                                                                  The coaches at TheMuse have been divided into 3 tiers -  mentor, coach and master coach.

                                                                  The division is done on the basis of experience and affordability.

                                                                  Mentors have usually less experience and offer services to those on a budget.

                                                                  Similarly, coaches are on the second tier and master coaches are on the top tier with the most experience and prices that justify their services.


                                                                  • You can connect 1:1 with your coaches or mentors over Skype or phone
                                                                    • The mentor website offers a job search feature, you can also check company insights on this platform
                                                                      • Specialises in career coaching
                                                                        • The prices for the different services can range anywhere from $70 to $1900 depending on the tier

                                                                          Go to their website

                                                                          Which online mentoring platform to choose?

                                                                          There is no mentor website present without any limitations.

                                                                          📌 But when you look at the offerings and mentorship prices at platforms other than Preplaced, it is expensive and not affordable for graduates or even working professionals.

                                                                          If you are on a budget, then the long-term mentorship at Preplaced gives you the option to select MAANG or top professionals at your desired price.

                                                                          Of course, depending on the mentor's experience and background, the prices might go higher, but you can still manage to stay within your budget.

                                                                          Also, online mentoring platforms like Scaler have limited flexibility and don’t cater to individual needs.

                                                                          The enrollment periods are also restrictive and the courses may not be available all the time.

                                                                          TheMuse is majorly focused on helping with leadership and communication skills and not overall interview preparation. 

                                                                          Preplaced's Mentorship Model is unlike any other and you get exactly what you need. 🌟

                                                                          It is perfect for customised guidance as they believe that everyone’s journey is unique and everyone should have access to mentorship.

                                                                          Remember at the end of the journey lies your goals. And with Preplaced by your side, you're one step closer to reaching them. 🚀

                                                                          Find a mentor and get your FREE Trial Session at Preplaced Today!

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