How Much Does it Cost to Get a Mentor at Preplaced?

What are Preplaced fees? How much do you have to pay for a Preplaced mentor? We have addressed all your doubts in this article.



Preplaced is your gateway to tailored mentorship that's both personalised and outcome-based. 

But let's address the elephant in the room – Preplaced fees

How much do you have to spend to connect with a Preplaced mentor?

In this easy-to-follow guide, we'll dive into the mentorship costs at Preplaced.

From understanding the factors influencing mentoring fees to measuring the value gained, this article will help you to make informed decisions about your investment in growth. πŸ“ˆ

Let’s get started!

What is Preplaced and how does it perceive mentorship?

Preplaced is more than just a mentorship platform; it's a personalised journey towards growth. 

Preplaced offerings

We believe that one needs a mentor at every stage of their career. 

Their influence is not limited to professional life, it extends to personal growth as well.

We see mentorship as a powerful bridge between aspiration and achievement.

We believe in 1:1 interactions that nurture holistic growth – not just focusing on skills, but also on mindset and strategy. 🌱

Our mentors are here to help you navigate challenges, seize opportunities, and uncover your full potential.

What is the value of mentorship?

Mentorship is a practice as old as time itself, rooted in the wisdom of generations. 

Its enduring value lies in its ability to bridge the gap between knowledge and experience. 

The value of learning from those who've walked before us is immeasurable. πŸ’«

A lot of people consider it as a shortcut to success but mentorship isn't about shortcuts.

It's about learning from those who've taken the longer, more insightful route. βœ”️

It's about receiving guidance that's been tested in the crucible of experience. 

A mentor listens to your aspirations and challenges without judgement.

They are someone who understands the unique hurdles you face and offers tailored advice. 

This personalised attention is what makes it different from all the other generalised sources of learning out there. 

It's not about one-size-fits-all solutions; it's about crafting a roadmap that aligns with your goals and circumstances.

Books and articles provide theoretical insights, but a seasoned entrepreneur as a mentor offers something more. 

They share battle-tested strategies and pitfalls to avoid.  

This practical guidance can be the difference between thriving and merely surviving. πŸ’ͺ

One of the remarkable aspects of mentorship is its ability to offer perspective

When you're knee-deep in the details of your journey, your Preplaced mentor can provide the bigger picture

They help you see patterns, connections, and opportunities that might have been obscured otherwise. 

This broader perspective is invaluable as you make strategic decisions.

The value of mentorship lies in its ability to cultivate not only your skills but also your character. πŸ«‚

It's a gift that keeps giving, echoing through time and leaving a lasting impact. πŸŒŸ

What are Preplaced mentorship fees?

Preplaced's mentorship fees are designed to be flexible and accommodating

We understand that mentorship should be accessible to individuals with varying budgets and goals. 

This is why our platform operates on a model where mentors set their own charges based on their expertise and experience. 

This means that the fees can vary from one mentor to another, providing you with a diverse range of pricing options to choose from.

Preplaced Mentor Profile - Puneet DhirPreplaced Mentor Profile - Chetan MahajanPreplaced Mentor Profile - Soudamini S

Whether you're looking for entry-level guidance or seeking specialised expertise, you can find options that cater to your needs.

πŸ“Œ Our commitment to flexibility means making mentorship an investment that suits your financial and career goals.

What factors influence the mentor fees on Preplaced? 

Mentor fees on Preplaced are determined by various factors that reflect the mentor's experience, expertise, and the value they bring to the mentee's learning journey.

Here are the key aspects that play a role in setting mentor fees: πŸ‘‡

🌟 Years of Experience: 

Mentors with extensive years of experience in their respective fields often command higher fees. 

Their depth of knowledge and practical insights garnered over time contribute significantly to the value they provide.

🌟 Depth of Expertise: 

The level of expertise a mentor possesses in their niche area also impacts their fees. 

Mentors who are recognised experts or specialists in a particular domain might charge more due to the unique insights they offer.

🌟 Demand for Mentorship: 

The demand for a mentor's guidance can influence their fees. 

If a mentor's expertise is highly sought after and their availability limited, their fees might reflect this high demand.

🌟 Time Commitment: 

The amount of time a mentor can dedicate to their mentee matters. 

Mentors who can invest more time in personalised interactions and guidance may adjust their fees accordingly.

🌟 Reviews and Testimonials: 

‍Positive reviews and testimonials from previous mentees can contribute to a mentor's perceived value and, consequently, their fees. 

Mentee Reviews at Preplaced

Mentors with a track record of helping mentees achieve their goals might charge more due to their proven success.

Here’s an example to help you understand this better:

Imagine you're preparing for FAANG companies for a Software Development Engineer (SDE I) role. 

You have 2 years of experience and you shortlisted two mentors: one with 5 years of experience and another with over 10 years of experience. 

The mentor with 10+ years of experience might charge higher fees due to their seasoned insights and track record of success. 

However, the mentor with 5 years of experience might offer a more budget-friendly option while still possessing relevant knowledge for your career stage.

Your choice will depend on your career goals, budget, and the level of expertise you seek.

Additionally, Preplaced recognises that financial situations can vary for mentees. 

That's why you have the option to take a FREE trial session with your selected mentor. 

This will help you to understand whose mentoring style is resonating with you and help you make a better decision. βœ”️

Booking Trial Session

During this trial session, you can also inquire if any discounts are available, especially if you have been laid off or your financial situation requires it. 

If a mentor is able and willing, they may offer discounts to make mentorship more accessible to you. πŸŒŸ

At Preplaced, we believe in a fair and personalised approach to mentor fees, ensuring that both mentors and mentees find a mutually beneficial arrangement that aligns with the value being exchanged. 

How do I measure the ROI of my mentorship duration with Preplaced?

Measuring the return on investment (ROI) of your mentorship journey with Preplaced involves assessing the growth, skills gained, and progress made throughout the mentorship. 

The most popular mentorship duration among our mentees is typically 3 to 4 months, with some opting for an extended 6-month duration. 

This duration provides ample time for comprehensive learning, skill development, and significant progress.

Here's a breakdown of how to measure your ROI: πŸ‘‡

Measuring the ROI of Mentorship

πŸ’‘ Set Benchmarks: 

Establish benchmarks or milestones that you aim to reach during the mentorship.

These could include completing specific projects, acquiring new skills, or expanding your professional network.

πŸ’‘ Document Your Progress: 

Keep track of your progress throughout the mentorship. 

Note down new skills learned, insights gained, and achievements unlocked. 

This documentation will help you gauge the tangible benefits of your mentorship.

πŸ’‘ Assess Skill Enhancement: 

Compare your skillset before and after the mentorship. 

  • Are you more confident in your abilities? 
    • Have you acquired new skills that are valuable in your field? 

      The growth of your skills directly contributes to your ROI.

      πŸ’‘ Evaluate Career Advancement: 

      Consider whether the mentorship has helped you advance in your career. 

      • Are you taking on more responsibilities? 
        • Are you making notable contributions to your projects? 

          Tangible career growth is a strong indicator of positive ROI.

          πŸ’‘ Reflect on Confidence and Growth: 

          Assess your personal growth and confidence. 

          • Do you feel more equipped to handle challenges? 
            • Are you more adaptable to changes in your industry? 

              Improved self-assurance and adaptability are signs of a positive ROI.

              πŸ’‘ Long-Term Impact: 

              Consider the lasting impact of mentorship. 

              Are the skills you've acquired applicable to future endeavours? 

              Will the insights gained continue to benefit your career trajectory? 

              Long-term benefits contribute to your overall ROI.

              Ultimately, calculate the value of your mentorship based on the skills acquired, achievements unlocked, and career advancements made. 

              Compare this value to the cost of the mentorship to determine your ROI.

              Remember, measuring ROI isn't just about immediate gains. It's about understanding how the mentorship experience has positively influenced your career trajectory and personal growth over time. 

              By following these steps, you can gain a clearer picture of the true value your mentorship with Preplaced has provided.

              How can I effectively plan my budget for mentorship at Preplaced?

              Planning your budget for mentorship at Preplaced is a crucial step to ensure you make the most of your investment. 

              Here's a step-by-step guide to effectively plan your mentorship budget and make an informed decision: πŸ‘‡

              βœ… Step 1: Define Your Goals and Needs 

              Start by clarifying your goals and what you hope to achieve through mentorship. 

              Are you seeking career guidance, skill development, or specific industry insights? 

              This clarity will guide your mentor selection process.

              βœ… Step 2: Set a Budget 

              Determine how much you're comfortable investing in mentorship. 

              Remember that mentorship is an investment in your growth, so allocate a budget that reflects the value you expect to receive.

              βœ… Step 3: Explore Mentor Profiles 

              Browse through mentor profiles on the Preplaced platform. 

              Each profile highlights the mentor's expertise, experience, and charges. 

              βœ… Step 4: Compare Mentor Charges and Value

              Let's say you want to break through into Data Science. Compare the charges of mentors who specialise in Data Science. 

              For example, Mentor A might charge 7500 Rs per month, while Mentor B charges 5000 Rs per month. 

              Take note of what each mentor offers for their fee.

              πŸ“Œ Compare the mentor charges with your budget and the value you'll gain. 

              If Mentor A's expertise aligns closely with your goals and you're comfortable with the fee, they might be the right choice. 

              Conversely, if Mentor B's approach resonates more, their lower fee could be an advantage.

              βœ… Step 5: Read Reviews and Testimonials 

              Check for reviews and testimonials from previous mentees. 

              These insights offer real-world experiences and can help you gauge the impact a mentor can have on your journey.

              βœ… Step 6: Try Before Committing 

              Utilise the option for a trial session with your chosen mentors

              This hands-on experience will help you decide which mentor aligns best with your goals and preferences.

              By following these steps and assessing the value in relation to the cost, you can confidently begin the mentorship journey that will propel you toward your aspirations. βœ”️

              Are there additional resources to aid in the decision-making process on Preplaced?

              Yes, indeed. 

              Beyond mentor profiles and charges, we offer valuable resources to make your decision-making process even smoother. 

              First is the FREE Group Sessions / Live Events conducted by the mentors on varying topics to help you level up your career. 

              Anyone can register and benefit from these insightful sessions.

              Here you can directly get to know the mentor and even ask your doubts live.

              Group Sessions at Preplaced

              Our blog section is rich with insightful articles that can help you understand the mentorship journey better. 

              Whether it's tips for selecting the right mentor or interview preparation guides or resources written by the mentors themselves, it is a treasure trove of knowledge.

              Moreover, our FAQs section addresses common queries, clarifying any uncertainties you might have about the mentorship process and more. 

              And if you need personalised assistance, don't hesitate to connect with our support team ([email protected]). 

              They're here to answer any questions and provide guidance to ensure you make a well-informed choice that aligns with your goals. πŸ™Œ

              How can I navigate through different mentor profiles and find the perfect mentor for myself?

              Here’s how to navigate through different mentor profiles and find the perfect mentor: πŸ‘‡

              🌟 Explore the Mentor Directory: 

              When you log in to your Preplaced account, click on β€œExplore Mentors.” 

              Preplaced Homepage

              Here, you'll find a diverse range of mentors from various fields and industries. 

              🌟 Filter by Your Interests: 

              Use the available filters to narrow down your search. 

              These filters can include domain, experience level, and more

              Apply filters to select your mentor

              🌟 Check Mentor Profiles: 

              Click on β€œView Profile” profile to learn more about the mentor. 

              Click on View Profile

              You'll find valuable insights into their background, years of experience, areas of expertise, and even a brief introduction about who they are and how they can help you. 

              This helps you gauge if their mentoring style aligns with your goals.

              🌟 Read Reviews and Testimonials: 

              Many mentor profiles feature reviews and testimonials from past mentees. 

              Check Mentor's Details

              These insights can provide a glimpse into the mentor's effectiveness and the impact they've had on others' journeys. 

              🌟 Assess Availability and Charges: 

              Make sure to check the mentor's availability and charges. 

              Try free trial before committing

              This ensures you're considering options that fit your schedule and budget. 

              If you find a mentor whose profile resonates with you, proceed to the next step.

              🌟 Book a Trial Session:

              As mentioned above if a mentor seems like the right fit, don't hesitate to book a trial session with them.

              This is where you can get to know them better and discuss your goals and expectations from this mentoring relationship.

              Wrapping it Up

              I hope all your doubts regarding Preplaced fees have been addressed. 

              So go ahead, explore mentors, assess the value, and invest in your future self with long-term mentorship. βœ¨

              Feel free to reach out to us in case of any further doubts. πŸ€—

              Happy Learning! πŸš€

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