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Vidur Rajpal | Fresher

How to make connections and ask for referrals?

There are basically 2 ways of connecting through LinkedIn. The first one, you should find and connect with people who have some commonality with you (someone with same college/company/city etc.). This connection has a higher chance of giving you a referral because they would connect with your journey, your pain points and empathize with you much better. The second way is to work on your LinkedIn profile, use the platform to showcase your skills and post relevant stuff on it. There is no other way but to write some creative cold messages and reaching out to more and more folks on the platform.

Vidur Rajpal | Fresher

Do I need to learn frameworks like RICE, AARRR to excel in product management interviews?

The knowledge of these frameworks is good to have, but not necessary. What is more important is the fundaments and conceptual grounding of why these frameworks exist, and what do they help achieve. Read about the first principles of product management. It essentially is breaking down complex problems into basic, fundamental truths or elements and then building up from there. There are certain pillars of product management which center around user centricity, data-informed decision making, and iterative development to always be on the right track to build the RIGHT sets of features. Building the 'right' sets of features, is where prioritization comes in, which led to the birth of these frameworks which give a structured way of approaching prioritization problems through pre-defined attributes that can quickly and heuristically help you to identify what to build right now, and what later. Try to build an understanding around these concepts than just jumping on the frameworks. Read about prioritization, its uses, its importance, and build your understanding up from there. Hope this helps you :)

subhradarshanee parida | Working Professional

Hi Vikas, I am subhra , I want to transition my career from PeopleSoft developer to java backend developer. I have 13 years of experience could you suggest if I would be able to reach the same with proper plan and my current work schedule. Regards, Subhra

Yes you can with proper roadmap

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