Transitioning to Product Management

About the Webinar

🚀 Attention all aspiring Product Managers! 🚀

Are you ready to level up your career and unlock the secrets to becoming a successful Product Manager? Then mark your calendars, because I have an exciting announcement to make!

📢 I will be hosting a FREE webinar on "Transitioning to Product Management: Your Path to Success" ğŸŽ‰

If you've ever wondered what it takes to make the transition to Product Management or you're looking to enhance your existing skills in this dynamic field, this webinar is tailor-made for you. Let me tell you why attending this webinar is an absolute must:

1️⃣ Gain Invaluable Insights from my personal experience: During this webinar, I'll be sharing my story of getting into Product Management, what worked for me and more importantly what did not work. This will give you great tips on how to prepare for Product Management roles.

2️⃣ Focus Areas to become a PM: Learn which areas you should focus on and build the right skills to get into Product Management.

3️⃣ Preparing for Interviews: Understand the step-by-step approach to building your resume and preparing for interviews. Learn why researching about the company is so important to get a PM job.

4️⃣ Deep Dive topic: I offer a framework to perform Competition Analysis which is one of the core responsibilities of a Product Manager. Observe how to do it, innovate and form your style for doing Competition analysis.

🔥 Spaces are limited, so make sure to reserve your spot now! Click the link below to register and secure your place.

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