How to Prepare for an Interview According to Current Hiring Trends.

Raj Vikramaditya

Software Engineer


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About the session

Are you looking to ace your next software development interview?

If so, then join Raj Vikram Aditya in his upcoming group session on "How to Prepare for an Interview According to Current Hiring Trends."🚀

The role of a software developer is constantly evolving in today's world. As a result, interviews are becoming increasingly challenging and demanding.🔥

To help prepare for such interviews, Raj Vikram Aditya will be hosting a group session where he will share his insights on how to prepare for interviews according to current industry trends.

During the first 30 minutes of the session, Raj will cover the following topics:

  • Current hiring trends
  • DSA (how to prepare, practice, and revise)
  • Projects (what kind of projects to undertake)
  • Types of contests and platforms to practice on
  • Core subjects
  • Open source contribution

During the remaining 30 minutes, Raj will interact with attendees and address their concerns.✅

Don't miss this opportunity! Book your seats now for the most awaited group session happening on Preplaced on the 26th at 8:00 PM. See you there!❤️