Master SQL Joins: Boost Your Data Manipulation Skills

About the Webinar

What is this Group Mentorship Session about?

In this group session, we'll focus on SQL Joins. I'll explain different join types in SQL, such as left join, right join, inner join, full-outer join, self join, and cross join. We'll dive into each one to help you understand them better. Throughout the session, I will provide examples, explanations, and practical use cases for each join type. By the end of our session, you will have a solid understanding of SQL Joins and be well-equipped to use them effectively in your database queries.

Key Takeaways from the Session

  • Understanding Different Join Types
  • Practical Application and Use Cases
  • Enhanced Querying Capabilities

About Me:

  • I am a senior data analyst at TCS-Bank of America with 4+ years of experience in the industry.
  • I have mentored more than 1200+ Data Enthusiast from various big institutes.
  • I have expertise in Python, SQL, Machine Learning, Google BigQuery, Business Analysis and Data Visualization With Power BI

Who should attend this Mentorship Session?

  • People preparing for their Data Science/ Analyst Interviews
  • People wanting to start a career as a Data Scientist / Analyst.
  • People who are actively appearing for Data Analyst / Analyst Interviews.