Demystifying Career in Frontend Engineering: From Basics to Brilliance

About the Webinar

Frontend engineering is still a domain that a lot of engineers do not understand in its entirety. Despite a large number of folks who have knowledge about the basics behind frontend, majority do not fully grasp what goes on behind the scenes in building a large scale UI platform.

For some (especially entry level and new engineers), "Its just HTML and CSS".

For some others, "I have no idea what happens behind the scenes" OR "Its just a button, how much work will it be?".

And for another group, it is "I understand JS, but why doesn't this work like Java?"

And a variety of such bewildering question exists among non-frontend engineering folks.

This problem is especially prevalent among new engineers who have no idea about frontend engineering, its challenges, complexities and a career in it.In this interactive session, I'd like to demystify questions around this topic.

Are you a new grad wondering what happens behind the scenes in frontend?

Are you a backend engineer wondering if they should try out frontend?

Are you a full stack engineer who is thinking if you should pivot to frontend?

Or, Are you just wondering what kind of challenges and complex problems get solved in frontend?

Are you none of the above, but is curious about the topic?

Come join me with all your questions, on 6 Aug 2023, 11 AM. Lets demystify a frontend engineering career.