"Data Science Job Hunting 101: Strategies for Unemployed and Freshers"

About the Webinar

What is this Session about?

This session is about arming you with strategies to grab a data science job. It will give you an overview of what the ideal job search roadmap could look like and provide an understanding of the required skill set. We have designed the webinar to help you stay ahead of the curve amidst the rapidly changing environment of the job market and keep up to date with the effects of artificial intelligence on the job availability. This session would also talk about what could happen to data science jobs in the near future and give you an outlook of what the current job market demands. You will end up with a full arsenal of techniques to prepare for the data science job search process.

Key Takeaways From The Session?

The key takeaways from this session are a clear understanding of: • The ideal way to opt for a specialized job in data science • Building a compelling profile • Processes to write effective resumes and answers for practice questions such as the ones faced in an interview • Acquiring the skill set required to enter the industry • How to stay ahead of the curve and keep up to date with the ever-changing job market • The impact of artificial intelligence on the job market • Techniques to use social media in order to start networking and guide your job search journey

Who is this webinar for?

This webinar is designed for job seekers who are seeking a career in data science and want to get a better understanding of the strategies that can help them manage a successful job hunt. We assume a basic understanding of the industry, but knowledge and curiosity about the subject can help you hit the ground running. This webinar is also for job seekers who have unique backgrounds or skill sets that make them stand out from the crowd and want to know how to use those capabilities to their advantage. Finally, even those who are already in the professional sphere and want to find out more about the industry or stay updated about new job openings can attend.