How to upskill to transition into Data Science: A Beginner Roadmap

About the Webinar

What is this Session About?

This session aims to cover all the essential aspects associated with data analytics and data science that can help an individual make an informed decision if they are looking to switch their career or begin their journey in the space.

We will cover the brief overview of various roles and responsibilities in data analytics and data science.

You will also learn how an individual can build their skills to become a successful data analyst or data scientist.

Key Takeaways from the Session?

• An individual will understand the data-driven world and the ever-growing demand for data-driven systems.

• Learn the different roles and responsibilities and the various tools used in the field of data analytics, data science, and machine learning.

• Understand the essential skills and how you can build credibility to stay out of the crowd and transition into the field.

• Get an introduction to the roadmap to break into the data-driven world and sustain through the various career changes.

Who is this Webinar for?

• Fresh graduates/ Job seekers who are looking to gain a basic understanding about data analytics and data science and understand if data science could be the right for them.

• Working professionals/ Enthusiasts who want to understand the roadmap to transition into this space.