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Asked by Nitin Rahuja

How to switch to a new PM role if I am not able to learn transferrable skills in my current Junior PM role? How to tackle HR questions when asked why changing jobs quickly?

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Answered By Mentor Shreyas Wani

You should just be honest. But the better way to put that could be:

1. In my previous roles I was looking at building breadth of experience and acquiring different skillsets. This I did by working in <x,y,z> sectors and learning <a,b,c> in them.

2. To plan a compounding career at a place, I would like to work with people who are inspiring and working on solving problem I align with. For that, I'm looking for a place which provides this culture and keep throwing new challenges at me everyday. That's what brings me here!

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Answered By Mentor Akansha Yadav

If you can help the HR see why you picked each role and how did you realise that job is not for you, then communicate how you didnt repeat that mistake again, is one approach.

On other hand some folks learn quickly achieve and move on, list your achievements.

Lastly, sharing a solid plan for steady future helps bring focus to present and future as well

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