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Mentee Question

Asked by Rohan Jain

How to build web development projects ?

Mentors Answer

Answered By Mentor Gaurav Sharma

First get to know the basics of front end and backend. Once you are clear with it, make sure to choose a real life problem which you want to solve(e.g.: booking system etc). Make a use case on which you want to work specifically. Once you finalize all these details then focus on DB schemas and API and how your front end will look. if you do that much you will have good knowledge of front end and backend. Also make sure to deploy your project .

Answered By Mentor Sakshi Sharma

Some examples to build a good web development project can be properly showcasing how did you perform crud operation on some entity, involving database integrations and APIs. Try to solve a real world problem (can be as simple as a To-do-List)

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