December 23, 2022
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Interview Self-Prep vs. Preparing with a Mentor

Interview preparation with a mentor comes with benefits like insights into the interview process. Learn how you can get a career mentor to get the job of your dreams.

Picture this - You are called for an interview with an organisation you have always wanted to work with.

You know you’re a great fit for the job, but there’s not much time to prepare for the interview.

You ought to showcase your best qualities, talent, and skills in front of the employer in the most effective way to get their attention

In order to do so, you start preparing a few weeks in advance before applying for the job - most candidates take this approach.

Of course, you can do some self-study by reading online articles and watching mock interviews. But self-study only goes so far.

Interview preparation done all by yourself might limit your research only to studying through the platforms, and not getting any regular evaluation on your performance or your current preparation level.

There is a better, surefire way to prepare yourself for an interview – mentor-based interview preparation. ✨

Through this method, you will not only get to learn from a mentor but you will practise interviews, clear doubts, gain insights, get your regular dose of morale boost and much more.

Now, let’s look at some of the key differences between these two methods.

Self-preparation vs mentor-based preparation

Self-prep for an interview is self-explanatory.

It is when you prepare yourself for an interview by researching on your own. Reading blogs, Watching YouTube videos and mock interviews are a part of self-preparation.

But what is the problem with preparing all by yourself?

The one major downside of self-prep is that you are on your own trying to figure out everything.

⚠️ If you get stuck on a problem, there’s hardly anyone to tell you how to get unstuck.

⚠️ You tend to rely on the oasis of generic resources available to you online.

⚠️ You often wind up with no clear direction or roadmap to follow while studying.

⚠️ There is often no objective evaluation of your preparedness level and thus, you don’t know where you need improvement.

⚠️ Despite practicing technical skills, when it comes to the actual interviews, you might struggle with communicating or expressing yourself. This points out a lack of practice in interview skills.

On the other hand, mentor-based preparation provides in-depth learning, which books, blogs, and videos would not be able to provide.

You will have your mentor preparing you for the interview along with your own hard work.

You get an experienced person who would train you for an interview according to your requirements.

Right from job application assistance, giving feedback on your resume and sharing specific and trustworthy study resources all the way up to preparing you for D-day and conducting mock interviews - you can rely on your mentor for everything.

If you have recently started your career, it is highly recommended to get a mentor to guide you through the dos and don'ts in your domain and career roadmap.  

Even if you are far into your career, it is still recommended to get a mentor to help you take the correct steps towards your goal. Someone who has experience in the field you want to work and grow in will provide the best strategies and insights.

But the real question is, how is mentor-based preparation better than self-preparation? Let's learn about it.

Benefits of mentor-based interview preparation

Self-preparation will have you standing at one point with a lot of questions. Some of them may get answered while some may not, as it solely depends on your research.

However, a mentor can certainly help you clear your doubts and better understand the interview process. They are an invaluable resource for answering your questions and addressing specific concerns you may have about the interview process.

A mentor will spend their time finding out points of improvement and can provide valuable guidance and insights that can help you feel more confident and prepared for your interview.

There are many benefits of having a mentor to help you prepare for your interview. Some of them are listed below-

⭐ You will learn from experience:

The advice from your mentor's real-life experience will provide some valuable inside knowledge of the industry. They will help you get some insider knowledge and help you work on the same skills that will make you shine in your interview.

A mentor can make it as smooth as possible for you to navigate your career or personal development journey.

⭐ Keep you motivated:

Your mentor is your hype person! They will always keep you motivated and help you with some of their personal suggestions. They might also suggest some activities that would help you stay committed to the preparation and the future of your career.

⭐ Help you stand out in the crowd:

Career mentors  can help you stand out in a crowd during an interview by providing you with customized, targeted support as you prepare for the interview. For example, they might work with you to identify the specific aspects of your background and experience that make you a strong fit for the position, and help you develop strategies for highlighting these during the interview.

They might offer specific, practical advice on how to approach different situations. You learn to develop anecdotes or examples to illustrate your skills and experiences, or teach you specific techniques for handling difficult or unexpected questions.

⭐ Help you gain professional networks and connections:

These mentors are usually experts in their industry. They have contacts with other successful people in the industry. Thus, it’s easy for you to connect with people who can help you grow in your career or even get a job. These contacts and networking will help you progress to the future.

⭐ They will listen to you:

Having a mentor is like having a career therapist. It's a safe space to pitch your doubts and ideas and have an honest opinion on them. They will listen to your answers patiently, giving you the confidence you need for your interview.

How To Find The Perfect Mentor

Once you have a clear mindset of having a mentor, the work on finding one begins. Finding a perfect mentor is one of the trickiest parts of the preparation.

Before you jump to a conclusion and decide not to opt for mentor-based interview preparation, go through these suggestions once:

⭐ Make sure you know your goals:

Before having a mentor, it is better to set your priorities and understand what you want. Identify your needs from your mentor. This will help you have a clear picture of what outcome you wish for and allow your mentor to figure out your needs quickly.

⭐ Approach the person you selected:

Start by reaching out to people from the field you wish to work in. Choose someone who is more successful and currently has secured the position you want to grow into.

This will get you in-depth learning about that specific position, the insights of their personal experiences in that role and stepping stones throughout the path.

⭐ Let them know why you chose them:

Whenever you have a chat with them or meet them, let your mentor know how much you respect their work and experience in the field. Explain your interest to them and why you think they would help you prepare for your interview.

Ways To Find Your Mentor

The best ways to find a mentor for your interview preparation are listed below-

⭐ Look for someone in your field:

As mentioned above, choose someone who has experience in the domain you want to work with for better insights and guidance. Reach out to the people and ask them to help you find a mentor for interview preparation.

Preplaced can help you in this process as it has mentors across all domains you might wish to make your career in.

⭐ Become a part of a professional network:

Join the community of active experienced mentors. Connect with them over social media or email and ask for their guidance. Also, let them know it is not an obligation but rather a choice for them to become your mentor.

⭐ Find a suitable online mentorship program:

There is a pandemic going on currently in the world. In times like these, it becomes a bit difficult to find a mentor who would agree to mentor you face-to-face. Luckily, there are many mentorship programs with a variety of mentors who will help you with interview preparations as well as your future career. Sign up for a program.

Lucky for you, Preplaced has a number of mentorship programs made specifically for you. We will help you find the perfect mentor to help you with the interview preparation. Sign up for a program with Preplaced now!

How Preplaced Is The Best Place To Find Your Mentor

Preplaced’s mentorship program has been helping people with its one-on-one interview preparation, mock interviews, and consultation sessions with

well-experienced mentors.

Our mentees also take one-off sessions that are built to offer immediate feedback or support in the interview prep of our mentees.

Through these sessions, you can get your resume reviewed LIVE, get assistance with your job application, enhance a particular skill or find direction in your career through 1:1 career guidance sessions.

You can browse through thousands of mentor profiles and filter your perfect mentor based on your domain, their working experience, target company, sessions, and price range.

Everyone needs a different way to prepare for an interview that usually builds up on the essence of the individual’s personality. Having a career mentor to guide you through the entire process, provide insights, and help you prepare answers according to what the interviewers expect, is always a cherry on top!

It’s always better to approach someone for help. Go to Preplaced in and book a trial today!

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