September 27, 2022
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How to Land an Internship at a MAANG or Top Tech Company

Applying for and getting MAANG internships is not as hard as it sounds. Read these top 7 tips on how you can land an internship at your dream company.

An internship is your first step into the big corporate world.

What you do in these 3 to 6 months in your internship job will go on to shape a lot of your early career. In addition to being a big boost to your CV, you will get first-hand experience of what it is like to work in the real world.

Internships with MAANG companies are considered the pinnacle of tech internships.

You will be put at the forefront of innovation and cutting-edge technologies that these companies are working with.

You will have a chance to network with and learn from experts in the domain, some of whom you might not have got access to otherwise. And then there is the pay.

Some reports suggest that companies such as Apple and Meta are paying as much as $8000 a month to their interns.

So then what a treat it would be to land a MAANG internship or an internship with a top-tier tech company!

But there is a catch.

These companies are notorious for their challenging selection process.

You will be thoroughly tested on your technical skills, reasoning ability, analytical skills, and creativity. And you will have to work even harder to prove yourself if you want to convert an internship into a full-time job.

So how do you do it?

Too much pressure? Yes. But at least, you dared to dream big! 🙌🏾

Now, I have solid top 7 tips that can help you become interview-ready so that you can apply for an internship in your dream company.

How to get your dream internship?

🟢 Identify companies that you could join (more the merrier)

Let’s be realistic right out of the gate.

You could be applying for a software engineering internship or a data analyst internship, the competition is stiff out there. This is especially true for MAANG companies.

You might need an attempt, or five, to land the right opportunity.

One way of approaching this is by compiling a list of companies that work on technologies or domains that are also your areas of interest. Read up about each of these, and identify areas of their work which align with your strong suits.

Set up alerts on internship and job portals to notify yourself when opportunities are available.

You know, it will be a dream come true to land an offer from one of the MAANG companies, but it’s not the end of the world even if you don’t.

At this stage in your career, even a smaller company will teach you a great deal and give you experiences that will serve you in years to come.

Heard about working at start-ups being the next best thing? It is. Join a start-up and simultaneously work on your project-dream-job at a MAANG.

🟢 Try to make your resume stand out from the rest

To secure an internship with the company of your choice, you must create an outstanding resume. It increases your odds of being selected by the company.

While making the resume, keep the following things in mind.

✪ Use a clean, minimal resume format:

You have to be extremely careful with the formatting of the resume. Stick to one font. Keep it simple, clean and concise. And do proofread it a couple of times before sending it out.

✪ Start with a profile summary:

Who are you, what is it that you bring to the table, and why are you the right fit for the role - a crisp and short profile summary reflects all these things. Also, don’t add an objective statement. Those things went out of style 5 years ago!

✪ Highlight important points:

This will give the recruiter a chance to go through all the important aspects of your profile quickly. A pro tip: Look for keywords (skills) your recruiter is looking for in your resume and highlight them.

✪ Add certifications and volunteer work experiences:

Got any extra skills up your sleeve? Show them off. Also, volunteer work experience is great to showcase your non-tech skills and extracurricular activities.

✪ Keep your references handy:

Make sure that you have a couple of references ready with you, so that, if need be, the recruiter can contact them.

For each internship opportunity you’re interested in, try to create a resume that aligns with the position and the company you’re applying for.

Your resume is the cover that you will be judged on, so make sure that you make a good first impression.

Having a great, well-optimised LinkedIn profile is equally important. Do make sure to add a well-written bio and a presentable photograph along with a cover image on your profile.

🟢 Networking with people from these companies on LinkedIn

Only the application to a position is often not enough on its own. Having a referral can help you a great deal to stand out from the other applicants.

But how do you get this?

The answer to this is to connect with people working in the companies that you would like to join and form meaningful relationships with them. Engage in insightful

conversations with them, beyond the usual small talk.

These people can also be very good mentors who can guide you and provide insight into the company and the role.

However, be mindful to be respectful of their time.

🟢 Contribute to industry communities such as GitHub and Stack Overflow

Every coder has, at some point, been on these.

Communities such as GitHub and Stack Overflow not only serve as code repositories but also as a hub for coders.

These industry communities are more focused than your usual social media platforms and job portals. Because here you can showcase skills, work, and experience while collaborating with thousands of other developers around the world.

Upload your work, join discussion boards, and participate in competitions and code challenges.

You may catch the attention of someone from top-tier companies who can help you land your dream internship, or sometimes even a permanent job. 🚀

🟢 Try to solve a real-world problem, no matter how small

No matter how much theoretical knowledge you may have, nothing beats real-world stakes.

Try to create a project that can solve a real-world problem.

It may not be the next Uber or Swiggy.

But even something as small as an automation script to save time on daily tasks can showcase your understanding and creativity.

Companies, especially top-tier ones, are looking for thinkers and problem solvers, and people that can build solutions to make a difference.

Show them that you have what it takes.

🟢 Take part in hackathons and coding challenges

Top-tier companies are always on the lookout for new talent.

For them, one way to see coders in action is to throw a challenge at them and evaluate the solution that they come up with.

Hackathons are great for that. They can have different focus areas.

Hackathons can either be focused on a particular technology stack or programming language. Or they can cater to a specific goal or problem area.

One of the most famous examples of this is HackMIT, a weekend-long hackathon attended by thousands of students from around the world.

It is hosted by the  Massachusetts Institute of Technology and backed by industry giants like IBM and Meta. While the entry is free, you will have to solve the admission puzzle to get in, making it a true test of skill.

There will be many more such events organized by institutions and tech firms locally too. You will be able to find them through social media or coder communities.

So go on, put on your coding caps and get hacking! 👩🏽💻

🟢 Participate in bug bounties

MAANG companies are constantly innovating new products for their consumers.

As these products grow in scope, they keep getting more complex and interconnected. This can lead to several bugs or broken features creeping through testing cycles and being missed by the developers themselves.

Google’s Bug Hunter program or Meta’s Bug Bounty program is among several such programs, that open these products up to talented coders to find and report vulnerabilities.

Not only do they offer substantial monetary rewards, but also serve as a good platform for you to showcase your technical skills and talents, directly to people who matter.

Pretty amazing, isn’t it?

Getting a MAANG internship isn’t all that difficult.

What you need is the right guidance at the right time.

How a mentor can help?

You’re at the start of your career and all this can get a little overwhelming.

We have all been there.

It is ok if you do not have complete clarity on your strengths, gaps, and career goals. You could talk to your peers and professors. They can help you with self-assessment as they know you for a long time. You could practise your interviews with them and build your self-confidence.

However, a better approach could be to seek help from a professional mentor.

As someone who is working in one of these companies, the mentor will have a much deeper understanding of the company and industry. The mentor will be able to give you a truly objective assessment of your strengths and the areas that you need to improve.

Mock interviews with these mentors can give you the closest experience to the real interview you would face.

So, start preparing for that dream internship of yours. And if you need any help or have any questions, team Preplaced is right here by your side! ☺️