February 2, 2023
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How preparing for interviews with a mentor saves time?

Have little time for your interview preparation? Learn how mentorship can help you snatch minutes and hours from your clock for your job interview preparation.

Facing an interviewer can be nerve-wracking, and you may not be used to selling yourself. 

During an interview, you will have to deal with some unexpected questions. 

Best to be prepared? But how much can you prepare in the little time you have at your hand?

From planning to preparation, there are a lot of steps. 

Interview preparation is a race against time.

Time is one of the essential factors here. 

You will be bombarded with questions about your projects, assessments, yourself, and whatnot. 

Preparing for all the potential questions and developing interview skills will keep your schedule jam-packed. 

It's difficult to figure out the things that eat up your time and manage yourself accordingly. 

But with a little help from someone who's been there and done that can do wonders for your career.

What you need is practical advice from industry experts.

And you'll get exactly that from Preplaced mentors, 100% personalised for you.

How a mentor can help you save time?

For working professionals time is often elusive, and managing it requires skill.

Even when you come up with managing plenty of time, you may find that more is needed. 

Similarly, for college students, time management may be something new, as they were previously sticking to a single goal - study and get a good score. 

Remember that during your interview, you have to demonstrate your ability through responses and may have to share task-based presentations. 

Throughout an entire job search journey, most of us undergo different phases. 

There are times when we feel demotivated and don't know how to overcome the hurdles. 

As a fresher, you may lack the capability to respond to your recruiter over email about something or might not know how to list work experience on your resume. 

You might also struggle to reach out to someone for a query on LinkedIn. 

Now imagine there is someone who has already walked through these situations and stands to guide you. 

Such is the importance of a mentor. 

You don’t have to take effort into learning each of those things individually. 

Almost 76% of working professionals believe that with a mentor they were able to perform better, could advance in their career faster, and are experiencing more work-life satisfaction. 

A mentor also helped them save time in several situations when they had difficulty making decisions.

This is how a mentor can help you save time for interview preparation effectively and efficiently:

👉 Removing time blockers for you:

The time-blocking technique is the practice of planning for each and every minute of the day in advance. 

This can be done by dedicating specific time blocks for certain tasks. 

Your mentor will create a standard to-do list that will guide you on what needs to be done.

Thus, making a strict schedule, not only guards against distraction but also multiplies your focus. 

👉 Help you differentiate between deep and shallow tasks: 

Understand the difference between urgent and important.

For instance, when your doorbell is ringing, opening the door is urgent, as somebody is waiting outside. 

Similarly, going for a routine medical check-up is important but not urgent. 

Your mentor will help you draw a clear line between urgent and important. 

They will guide you to choose tasks that need immediate attention and leave the ones that are important for later. 

👉 Providing you with timely error detections:

It will always help if you can identify where you are going wrong and how you can fix it.

Self-monitoring and goal-setting are effective ways to track your progress.

But it is hard to focus on different things at a time. 

With an extra helping hand from your mentor, they can help you,

  • Set goals that are achievable and measurable
  • Record all the information for the changes you have undergone
  • Reach actionable conclusions

👉 Improving your coding skills:

It is most likely that your coding skills will be put to test.

A mentor will make you capable of completing the assignments in a given time. 

They will tell you about your weaknesses and teach you on how to play on your strengths.

They will share coding tips, take assignments and give you different targets so that you can be confident and tackle every question that comes your way.

👉 Helping you to handle pressure:

During the interview, you will have different sets of eyes on you.

Your every move will be scrutinized, you may panic which can lead to mistakes.

Your mentor has already gone through all sorts of pressures and knows how to remain calm.

They are not going to judge you, so feel free to discuss your problems.

Taking mock interviews with mentors will help you get accustomed to the interview environment.

👉 Evaluation of your preparation:

A mentor can provide you with accurate and honest feedback on what you were able to do well, and the areas that need further improvement. 

They can very well assess the path you are on and will guide you onto the right track. 

They’ll also share information about their own career path and tell you how they were able to deal with the most difficult situations during their interview. 

👉 Sharing industry experience and resources to help you study better:

Google cannot always solve your problems.

How will you find the resources that you need after searching through piles of generic results?

Wouldn’t it be easier if you could ask someone and get exactly what you need?

A mentor who already went through this phase can suggest to you exactly what you need to improve. 

At Preplaced, you can select a mentor from your target company, and target role and get access to all the information that will help you crack the interview.

👉 Providing motivation and emotional support:

Throughout your interview preparation voyage, you are also likely to undergo an emotional rollercoaster ride.

You will get tired, demotivated, and negative about the outcome.

You will want to leave your preparation midway. 

Mentors are here to remove your anxiousness and self-doubt and inspire you to do your best. 

Having pre-interview jitters? Talk to them.

Have self-doubt? Talk to them.

Feeling nervous and anxious? Talk to them.

Don’t hesitate to reach out.

They have taken responsibility for your success, bare it all in front of them.

They are willing to share your problems and help you clear all your doubts.

The minute you slack, they will push you forward.

Your can create your own success story with Preplaced mentorship.

👉 Recommend you to the organisations they are in touch with:

They can refer you to their company as well, given that they find you a suitable candidate.

So do your best, show your dedication and be mindful of your own success too.

1:1 Interview Preparation Program with Preplaced Mentors

Preplaced is a unique platform where you can find a mentor specific to the industry you are looking to work with. 

Personal mentoring programs from Preplaced help you prepare for your job interviews by making you go through the experience of real-life interviewers, who are already working with the world’s best companies. 

You can select a perfect mentor based on your goals, and the companies you want to target.

We have already done the work of bringing the industry's best in one place.

All you have to do is connect and get help at every step of your interview preparation.

From reviewing your resume to providing you with a perfect interview plan and taking you through various mock interview drills, a mentor will reshape you to emerge as the most desirable candidate.

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