How Pavitha Bagged a Product-based Role With a 200% Hike

Learn how Pavitha switched from a service-based company to a product-based role and got placed with a 200% salary hike weeks within her mentorship journey. 💫



Meet Pavitha, a determined professional who embarked on a career-changing journey in August 2022. 

She decided to switch from a service-based company to a product-based one, setting her sights on exciting opportunities that lay ahead. 

In this blog, we delve into Pavitha's story, where she shares her experiences and her success.

When did you first think of switching your job?

It was in August 2022.

Why were you planning to switch your job? What was the reason?

I was looking to work with a product-based company. I previously worked with Capgemini, and it was a service-based company.

Pavitha had her sights set on product-based companies and knew she needed well-guided preparation to achieve her goal. 

She started preparing 6 months prior and took multiple courses like LeetCode, AlgoExpert, and other system design and DSA courses. 

But despite that, she felt something was missing.

I was doing all these courses, but it felt like some guidance was missing. There was no one to tell me if what I was doing was right or not. I felt that something was lacking in my preparation.”, is what she said.

That's when she came across Preplaced’s Long-Term Mentorship, which promised to provide the guidance she sought.

You did so many courses on other platforms. What felt different about Preplaced? What was something that really connected with you? 

"Well, besides the cost being more reasonable compared to other platforms, I also had a trial session with one of the best mentors, Shubham Soni.

He encouraged me and mapped out a clear path for me to follow. I found it very appealing and motivating!

So, I decided to go for long-term mentorship."

⭐With Preplaced, Pavitha found the mentorship she needed. 

She had weekly one-on-one sessions with her mentor, Shubham, who analysed her strengths and weaknesses and gave her tasks to focus on throughout the week. 

The personalised guidance helped her address her shortcomings effectively.

How many sessions were happening, and what was your week like during the mentorship?

"I had regular sessions with my mentor, Shubham. 

He assessed all my skills and what I had learned from all the courses I took. 

He pointed out the inconsistencies and the areas where I’d need more growth. 

During each session, he analysed my progress and provided guidance on what to work on in the upcoming week.

He’d keep a tab on my activities and regularly gave me feedback on improving and overcoming my weaknesses. 

It was like having a clear roadmap to success."

⭐Pavitha's mentorship journey was fruitful. 

Shubham continuously challenged her and pushed her to apply to more companies each week. 

If you’re applying to more companies, there will be more opportunities,” is what he said. 

He’d ask me every week how many companies I’d applied to—he'd set a gold of 50. And if I said 25-30 companies, he’d not be satisfied!

And, Shubham’s words came true.

Within just two weeks, Pavitha began receiving shortlists from major product-based companies like Google and Amazon.

Which companies did you interview for after getting shortlisted?

"I appeared for interviews at Google, Amazon, Cisco, Herman, and even Samsung!

I also had opportunities with service-based companies, but my focus was on product-based roles."

⭐Pavitha's hard work paid off, and she found herself receiving offers from multiple companies, proving that determination and the right guidance can lead to great success!

How did you feel when you finally received the job offer?

"I felt thrilled! In December itself, I had three job offers. 

It was a dream come true for me."😊

⭐Pavitha got placed in Medtronic, a US-based medical equipment manufacturing company. 

Pavitha's journey from August to December was a transformational period.✨

She diligently prepared, applied to numerous companies, and secured a new job with a whopping 200% salary hike!

How would you describe your experience with Preplaced to your friends?

"It's totally worth it! 

The one-on-one mentorship is extremely valuable compared to other options I checked out. 

The mentors at Preplaced are very supportive. 

They really bring out the talent lying dormant within most of us!

The mentorship sessions didn't only focus on my technical skills but also boosted my confidence and helped me overcome failures."

In Conclusion

Pavitha's success story is an inspiration for anyone considering a career change. 

With determination, hard work, and the right guidance, she transformed her career and landed her dream job at a product-based company. 

If you are looking for a similar journey of growth and success, Preplaced might just be the platform you need. :) 

You can book a free 1:1 trial session with your favourite mentor to find out!

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