From Navy Veteran to Senior Scrum Master: Sainki's Journey

Read about Sainki’s path to the corporate world after 10 years of experience in the Indian Navy. Anything is possible with the right effort and direction.✨



In this blog, we have the pleasure of hearing Sainki share his inspiring journey from a successful 10-year career in the Indian Navy to transitioning into the corporate world.

Sainki pursued higher education, including an MBA, but felt the need for some professional help from someone who’s already been there, done that.

Through hard work, the right mindset, and his mentor’s vital guidance, Sainki successfully bagged the role of a Senior Scrum Master in an MNC.⭐

Sainki, can you introduce yourself and give us some background on your journey so far?

Hey, sure! 

I'm Sainki, and I had an exciting 10-year tenure in the Indian Navy, serving as an electrical officer. 

During that time, I worked with various systems, applying my knowledge as an electrical engineer. 

After a while, I decided to venture into the corporate world. 

To prepare for this significant shift, I began upskilling myself, aiming for a role aligned with my previous experience in handling projects and working on time-bound tasks. 

That's when I realised the importance of finding a mentor to guide me through this transition and help me understand the corporate landscape better.

What made you decide to switch to the corporate world, and what type of role were you looking for?

The decision to switch to corporate was driven by the need to apply my knowledge and skills from the defence sector in a different domain.

However, transitioning from defence to the corporate sector was not easy.

The skill sets required were different, and I had to select the areas I could fit in, carefully. 

Ultimately, I chose to pursue a Project Manager role, as it closely aligned with my previous responsibilities in the Navy. 

I sought a mentor's guidance to understand the corporate perspective and find the right path for my career.

When did you start your journey of upskilling and preparing for the transition?

I began my journey of upskilling in 2020. 

With the world on lockdown, it was an excellent opportunity to learn and explore corporate concepts. 

I took the PMP certification and also pursued an MBA to gain insights into management and various tools used in the corporate world. 

I spent a good amount of time preparing myself, understanding my weak areas, and researching industry trends.

Tell us about your experience with Preplaced and how you found your mentor.

Preplaced turned out to be a game-changer for me! 😊

Before I joined, I explored other mentorship platforms, but none fit my needs

Preplaced had a great CRM team and a feedback mechanism that ensured a personalised experience. 

I was fortunate to find my mentor, Saumya Dey, who had over 18 years of experience in the industry, particularly with IBM. 

What set Preplaced apart was its flexibility and ease of communication, which allowed us to tailor the mentorship sessions according to my requirements.✨

Could you describe the mentorship process with Saumya?

Of course! 

The mentorship with Saumya spanned two months; during that time, we had several sessions. 

He understood my specific needs and created a plan to address my weak areas

We held our sessions twice a week, where we followed up on the previous session's progress and planned for the upcoming ones. 

Saumya provided valuable guidance and gave me assignments to work on between sessions. 

He also conducted mock interviews to prepare me for real-world job interviews.

How was your interview experience after completing the mentorship?

I faced many interviews, around 40 to 50, to be exact. 

However, transitioning to the corporate sector was a challenging journey as a veteran. 

Despite several rejections, I remained persistent.

Thanks to Saumya's mentorship and advice, I landed three companies that led me to the final rounds.😊

Eventually, I chose Wells Fargo, where I am now a Senior Scrum Master.⭐

What was one key piece of advice from Saumya that significantly affected your interview preparation?

Saumya advised me to present myself differently during interviews, a technique I hadn't used before. 

His guidance on how to present my experiences and skills uniquely made all the difference in my interview performance.

What would you say if you had to express your gratitude to Saumya in a brief message?

I want to extend my heartfelt gratitude to Saumya for being there throughout my mentorship journey. 

His support and guidance were instrumental in my successful transition to the corporate world. 

His down-to-earth nature and dedication as a mentor were truly remarkable.🌟 

Thank you, Saumya, for making a positive impact on my career. :)

How did you celebrate when you received the offer letter from Wells Fargo?

Upon receiving the offer letter, my first instinct was to share the joy with my wife.😄

Celebrating the achievement with our parents and loved ones made the moment even more special.

Finally, what advice would you give others considering a similar career transition?

If you want to switch domains or transition to the corporate sector, I would advise you to find the right mentor

Having a mentor who understands your field and has relevant experience can be a game-changer in your journey.🎯

I highly recommend Saumya to anyone seeking mentorship in the project manager domain.

To Conclude

Sainki's journey showcases the power of mentorship and how it can shape and transform a career journey. 

With the guidance of Saumya, Sainki successfully navigated the transition from a 10-year career in the Indian Navy to becoming a Senior Scrum Master at Wells Fargo. 

The interview process was rigorous, but Sainki's dedication, upskilling, and invaluable advice from his mentor made all the difference. 

If you are contemplating a career switch or seeking guidance in your professional journey, remember the importance of finding the right mentor and investing in continuous learning and self-improvement.✨

Go here for a free 1:1 trial session with a professional mentor of your choice!

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