June 7, 2022
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Best Interview Preparation Websites to Land Your Dream Job in 2022

In this blog, we describe and list down some of the best and most comprehensive interview preparation websites to help you succeed in your job interview.
“By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.”

Interview preparation has been historically undermined, but thankfully, today, the mindset around this is rapidly changing. Traditionally, the focus has always been on preparedness in academics and extracurricular, with it being a given that if one excels in school or has certain degrees to their name, they will be eligible for a job.

Bagging your dream job today is all about being an all-rounded individual - which means just being technically sound or having the required knowledge isn’t enough. It’s about how well you prepare for a job interview to present yourself, your skills and abilities, talk about your experiences and make a great first impression on a recruiter.

Fortunately, interview preparation alone has created a niche market for itself where candidates and aspirants have access to relevant information on how to prepare for a job interview. From taking mock tests, upskilling abilities, and talking to mentors, sophisticated interview preparation websites have come up in the recent past which help candidates set goals, timelines and create strategies on how to go about getting confidently ready for an interview.

All the Interview Preparation Resources You Need

In this article, our aim is to arm you with the ammunition necessary to guide you through your interview preparation process. We have explored some of the best and most comprehensive interview preparation platforms to help you succeed. Here’s a breakdown of the offerings available on each of these interview preparation websites:

1. Preplaced


Considered as one of the best websites to prepare for a job interview, Preplaced gives candidates access to mock interviews, mentors, and consultation sessions. It is a recent startup that has quickly gathered a name for itself because of its large, supportive and experienced mentor community.

Key Features & Services

  • 1-1 mentoring sessions with expert interviewers from the best companies all over the world
  • Quality referrals from experts
  • Mock interviews with real-life interviewers
  • Create interview strategies and plans with expert mentors
  • Resume review & Consulting session with domain experts

Unique Value Proposition

  • Personal mentoring sessions with post-interview support
  • Money back and lowest price guarantee
  • Community of top mentors to seek advice

Start Preparing with Preplaced

Preplaced programs are designed based on a thorough analysis of what companies want from candidates. Every small detail of preparation programs has been refined and tuned to get maximum results.

Start Preparing for Your Dream Job with Preplaced

2. LinkedIn


Who doesn't know about Linkedin! Every job seeker must have heard about Linkedin once in their lifetime. But not everyone, knows the true potential of Linkedin and how you can use it for your interview preparation. Yes, you heard that right! Linkedin has great set of resources for interview preparation on Linkedin learning and also some amazing interview preparati0n blogs on Linkedin Pulse.

What's more important is that by using Linkedin Profile effectively, you can excel in your job finding and searching.  92% of interviewers use social media and channels like Linkedin to learn more about candidates. The business directory every individual has access to, Linkedin is a great place to find jobs, get in touch with mentors, professionals, and people who work at their dream companies to seek help, interview preparation support, and guidance.

Here is an excellent workshop by Vaibhav Sinsity on how you can use Linkedin effectively to get noticed by recruiters and professionals.

Key features

  • Skill endorsement by professionals and experts, which helps to highlight personal achievements and experiences
  • Make connections
  • Medium to reach out for job referrals
  • Linkedin Learning (formerly "Lynda")

Unique Value Proposition

  • Helps create professional impressions on recruiters and interviewers
  • Highlights domain expertise and relevant information
  • Easily search and get notified for Jobs in your domain

3. Glassdoor


Considered as the place to be for candidates wanting to crack interviews, Glassdoor gives access to anonymous reviews left by companies, management and employees in relation to interview preparation. One can search through previously asked questions and past interviews that people have undergone.  

Key features

  • Organization-specific information available
  • Responses to past interview questions

Unique Value Proposition

  • Also indicates whether a candidate was selected or not; this enables aspirants to read through even the responses that didn’t work out

4. HackerRank


Popularly accessed by coders and developers, this website helps to prepare for coding tests and rewards winners. One can solve online challenges and compete with others to sharpen their coding and developing skills.  

Key features

  • Organizes hackathons where companies like Quora have been known to scout for talent
  • Tools available for companies to conduct virtual coding-based interviews
  • Resources to help candidates practice coding

Unique Value Proposition

  • Targeted specifically for coders, developers, and programmers

5. CareerCup


Targeted at helping coders and programmers, this interview preparation website provides access to top coding questions that may be asked during interviews.  

Key features

  • Updated constantly to reflect the newest interview questions
  • Great for practicing for upcoming interviews

Unique Value Proposition

  • Most interviewees who want to target their coding skills use this as many questions may be asked from target companies.

6. GeeksforGeeks


This interview preparation platform focuses on coding questions and is great for software developers, coders, and programmers.  

Key features

  • Features questions and answers from interviews at global companies
  • Provides past year questions which can be filtered according to companies, topics, and levels
  • Great for practicing coding for beginner and advanced levels  

Unique Value Proposition

  • Specifically targeted at developers, it attracts some of the world’s best developers who share their wisdom on current topics

7. Zety Blog

Zety Blog

In the form of a community, the Zety Blog is a great place for people looking to pick up advice on their career path, profession, and how to handle tight work schedules and expectations. With tips and hacks from various successful people, this blog provides a lot of information on how to crack interviews.

Key features

  • Helps users build their resumes
  • Dedicated blog for guiding people on their career paths and ways to success

Unique Value Proposition

  • The community offers advice and tips on interview preparation courses.
  • Information also available on how to balance personal and professional lives.

8. Quora

Quora - Interview Preparation

If you have questions, Quora has answers. This is a helpful community of people with many coming from expert professional backgrounds who offer advice on how to go about interview preparation, interview preparation websites, and interview preparation courses.

Key features

  • Global community with access to experts on specific topics

Unique Value Proposition

  • The more specific a question, the higher the probability of a satisfactory answer.  

9. LeetCode


Created to help aspiring software engineers crack interviews, this interview preparation website helps people answer questions and receive real-time responses in the form of scores.

Key features

  • Difficulty levels can be adjusted according to the company category a person is interviewing at.
  • Several programming languages are supported.

Unique Value Proposition

  • Limited to coding, this is a great site for coders, programmers, and developers.

10. IndiaBix


Testing one’s aptitude is extremely important when it comes to interview preparation. This website provides a number of aptitude questions to users and allows them to self-assess.

Key features

  • Aptitude questions asked at leading companies can be found here
  • Resource materials on various interview levels and rounds available

Unique Value Proposition

  • Large repository of previously asked aptitude-based questions

11. AmbitionBox


A great place where interviewees can see the reviews left behind for a company and its employees. It helps candidates assess the level of preparedness they require for a job interview.

Key features

  • Users can take practice interview tests based on information left by employees of their target companies.

Unique Value Proposition

  • Reviews left behind help employees assess the culture of a company and prepare for personality assessment rounds in interviews

12. TopCoder


Popularly known as a coding arena where competitions are held to encourage people to code and get paid for finding solutions to challenges. Helps coders and developers prepare for interviews as challenges are akin to questions asked during interviews at top IT companies.

Key features

  • The difficulty level of questions is high, thus making it challenging for people and prepares them for the most difficult coding interviews.

Unique Value Proposition

  • Coding questions from past interviews and challenges are available for practice

13. Gainlo


Extremely popular among people who want to take mock interviews, Gainlo helps people connect with professionals and experts in their field of choice or from leading global companies to practice interviews.

Key features

  • Users have access to interviewers from companies like Microsoft, Amazon, Google and get feedback on their interviews to help them improve

Unique Value Proposition

  • At a price, candidates have access to this interview preparation website, which acts as an interview simulator.
  • Helps in gaining confidence

14. Big-O Cheat Sheet

Big-O Cheat Sheet

If you’re looking for common complex algorithms in computer science, this is the place for you. This website gives coders access to extremely challenging and intelligent questions and solutions.

Key features

  • Questions provided by some of the world’s top coders

Unique Value Proposition

  • Content on tips and tricks to hacking codes

15. Codewars


Created for coders and programmers, this website provides challenges to practice and sharpen Python, C++, JavaScript, Java etc. skills.

Key features

  • “Train and gain” motto helping to sharpen coding and programming skills
  • Indulge in healthy competition with peers and colleagues
  • Get creative and earn ranks
  • Hosts a community where professionals and experts share wisdom available publicly

Unique Value Proposition

  • Highly intuitive but restricted to coders and programmers
  • Great for skill sharpening


Prepare smartly by using the best websites and get an edge in your interview preparation!

In summary, there are a ton of amazing interview prep websites out there in the market today. Interview preparation space is becoming more and more competitive with every passing day. Hence, it is very important that you surround yourself with the right resources to egde over the competition. Some of the websites might even cost you a bit, but don't let few thousand bucks prevent you from using these awesome resources and landing your dream job.

Apart from preparing for domain-specific technical skills, make sure to not ignore working on your soft skills. According to JobVite, conversation skills have 49% chance of helping a candidate get through an interview, and these skills can only be developed with practice. To know what to speak and how to speak it are the two main ways to ace an interview. Again, you can take help of many of the mentioned interview preparation websites to boost your soft skills along with technical skills.

You can also take help of above mentioned interview preparation websites to understand how your interview preparation strategy can be finetuned and how best you can narrow down on your personal and professional goals. Preparation is an art in itself, and these websites give you tested methods on effectively carrying out preparation strategies in line with your interviewing goals.

Need Help with Interview Preparation?

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