Balancing Motherhood and Career: How Shriza Cracked her Dream Role at BCG

Discover how Shriza, a working mom successfully switched to a Business Analyst role in her dream company, BCG with the support of Preplaced's mentorship.



“Juggling studies and motherhood, I needed outside help to crack interviews. I specifically chose Preplaced because it offered 1:1 mentorship. This meant I could receive personalised advice tailored exclusively to my needs.” - Shriza

Shriza's journey was no easy feat.

A dedicated IT analyst with nearly 7 years of experience, she was craving something new in her career. 

She felt like her current job wasn't giving her the growth she wanted.

So, she joined a one-year MBA program specialising in Business Analytics.

But as a mother managing her studies, she soon realised the immense demands on her time and the need for external support to crack the challenging interviews that lay ahead.

That's when Shriza discovered Preplaced.

Through mentor-guided preparation, she learned how to tell her story in interviews and show off her skills in the best way possible. 

Get ready to be inspired as we dive into her incredible success story!

When did you first think of switching your job?

Well, it all began during my time at TCS, where I worked for nearly 7 years. 

I started feeling like there was a lack of growth and things were becoming stagnant in my role. 

That's when I decided to pursue a one-year MBA program, which I recently completed.

During the MBA placements, I faced some challenges. 

I couldn't find companies that matched my preferences and what I was looking for, similar to what TCS offered. 

I applied to a few companies, like Genpact, Infosys, and TechMahindra, but unfortunately, I wasn't shortlisted, and I wasn't sure why.

Instead of solely relying on on-campus placements, I also started applying for off-campus opportunities.

I attended interviews at Gartner and Nagarro, but they turned out to be purely technical roles that didn't quite match my skill set. 

Managing my studies while being a mother was quite demanding, as we had to cover 40 courses during the intense one-year MBA program. 

Hence, with limited time on my hands, I was not able to prepare effectively for the interviews.

Realising that I needed some guidance, I decided to seek help from experienced professionals who could assist me in cracking interviews. 

What was your background? In which domain were you in and which domain were you targeting before seeking mentorship?

Before seeking mentorship, my background involved working as an IT analyst in the financial services domain at TCS (Tata Consultancy Services). 

It was a techno-functional position, where I was responsible for managing the TCS in-house bank application. 

This meant collaborating with various cross-functional teams and discussing client requirements to come up with appropriate solutions. 

This role required both technical expertise and stakeholder management skills.

In pursuit of my career goals, I decided to further my education and enrolled in an MBA program specialising in Business Analytics. 

In May 2022, I took a year-long leave to focus on my post-graduation studies. 

My aim was to transition into a Business Analyst role, as I had prior experience in IT and had even attended interviews for Business Analyst positions, as well as some Power BI developer roles.

However, during the Power BI interviews, I faced challenges as I lacked hands-on experience in that particular area.

What do you think was missing in your preparation that led to multiple rejections?

When I was giving interviews, I struggled to properly explain my past project experiences in a sequence. 

I found it challenging to frame a compelling story around those experiences. 

Additionally, since I hadn't worked as a Business Analyst before, I didn't focus much on preparing for the specific questions that could be asked during the interviews.

Why did you specifically choose Preplaced over many available online courses?

I specifically chose Preplaced because it offered 1:1 mentorship

This meant I could receive personalised advice tailored exclusively to my needs. 

Unlike bootcamps or regular courses where there are many people and individual attention can be challenging, the idea of having a mentor all to myself appealed to me. 

This way, I could easily explain the specific problems I was facing.

The mentor could provide solutions that addressed my unique challenges promptly and efficiently. 

It just made sense for getting the help I needed in a shorter amount of time.

How did you get to know about Preplaced?

I first heard about Preplaced through mentor Prashant's master class on "How to Crack Business Analyst Interviews." 

I registered and also attended the session. 

After that, I received an email from Preplaced about their mentorship program. 

Additionally, I was part of a WhatsApp group led by Prashant for aspiring Business Analysts. 

In that group, Prashant discussed some of the most relevant interview questions, which caught my attention and made me consider connecting with him.

How was your overall experience with the mentor-guided preparation?

My preparation mainly revolved around mock interviews and discussions with my mentor, Prashant. 

The mock interviews significantly boosted my confidence. 

He gave me essential tips for handling interviews, including the STAR interview method

He advised me on the types of questions to ask during the interviews, how to clarify things beforehand, and how to explain my answers in simple terms. 

Before working with him, I struggled to articulate my thoughts clearly, but now I can do so. Overall my experience has been excellent.

How did 1:1 mentorship work in your favour?

Prashant was incredibly helpful and understanding throughout our mentorship. 

Whenever I had an interview coming up, I'd call him and ask for advice. 

The sessions were also quite flexible. 

If I couldn't find a suitable slot, we would connect on Google Meet, and he was always there to clear my doubts.  

I think having a good relationship with your mentor is very important. 

Besides our regular scheduled sessions, I often talked with him on the phone as well. 

He was available whenever I needed him, and even if he couldn't answer the call immediately, he would text me back. 

His constant motivation and belief in my hard work gave me the confidence to keep going. 

When I eventually got selected for the opportunity I was seeking, he was genuinely thrilled, though he insisted that my efforts deserved all the credit.

What was the further preparation like? How did you approach the upcoming interviews?

In March, just a month before completing my MBA, I was interviewed for an IT Operations Senior Analyst role at BCG. 

It was an off-campus opportunity and part of their diversity and inclusion initiative, specifically calling women for interviews. 

Unfortunately, I was rejected in the third round, and it was really disheartening because BCG was one of my dream companies.

However, I didn't give up. 

I decided to work on my preparation even more diligently. Around this time only, I connected with Prashant.

About a month later, I received a call from the HR team again from BCG, giving me another chance for the IT Operations Analyst role

This time, I was determined to make the most of it. 

And finally, my efforts paid off, and I was selected. 

It was such a great feeling to join a company I had always aspired to work for!

How did you feel when you received the offer letter and saw your dreams come true?

Oh, I was absolutely ecstatic! 😁

It had been a long wait of 7 years since I received my previous offer letter, mainly because I had been working at the same place for all those years. 

I was kind of in my comfort zone and not really aware of what was happening in the job market.

Little did I know that people with just 2 to 3 years of experience were earning over a lakh per month! 

I guess being in my own bubble kept me from realising how much I was falling behind.

But when I finally decided to explore new opportunities and started giving interviews, I became aware of my shortcomings. 

I felt like I was slow compared to other candidates. 

However, all those worries vanished the moment I received the new offer letter. 

The saying “slow and steady wins the race” perfectly applied to my situation.

How would you describe Preplaced?

Preplaced is an excellent platform for anyone struggling with interview success. 

The mentors are genuinely eager to assist candidates in securing their dream jobs, and the best part is that it is quite affordable. 

To sum it up

Shriza’s story reminds us that it’s never too late to seek new challenges and make bold decisions to achieve personal and professional growth.

So if you are also waiting for the “right” moment, don’t.

Take action now and create your right moment by connecting with a mentor.

Remember, the path to success is often shaped by the decisions we make today. Take the leap and invest in yourself. 

Reach out to a mentor, explore new career possibilities, and pave the way for your own success story!

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