June 7, 2022
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7 Reasons Why Mock Interviews Increase Your Job Chances

Interview Preparation with real interviewers can be a game-changer. Read on to see how mock interviews with them can boost your chances of cracking an interview.

Mock interviews are the best preparation tool for an actual interview.

It makes you familiar with the question and environment that you might face during an actual interview and clears further dilemmas surrounding it.

These mock interviews positively impact your preparations and bring out more quality and quantity from every session.

But the question is whom should you practice your mock interviews with?

Today, there are tons of online platforms where you can practice giving mock interviews.

You can do it with peers, domain experts, career coaches, or even AI software.

There are even free platforms to give mock interview with peers of similar experience.

You can even ask your friends or colleagues to help you practice.

But trust me, nothing helps you more than giving a mock interview to a real-life interviewer.

Let's see why.

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Real-life Interviewers are the people who are a part of the recruitment team at their current companies and who take hundreds of interviews every month.

Not only are they domain experts, but because of taking endless interviews, they know what mistakes most candidates make and how to confuse people.

Hence, they are the real people holding the torch of knowledge that might help you do more effective interview practice.

As Yogi Berra says, “Before you build a better mousetrap, it helps to know if there are any mice out there.”

So, to create a solid foundation for giving an interview, it is best to know the situations you might face by a person who has hands-on experience in taking interviews.

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The simple mistake that one does while in mock interviews is that they usually ask their peers or mentors in a company to be the interviewer, this brings about the lack of significant information related to the interview.

No matter how much interview practice you do, ultimately, there will be some scope for failure.

While having experience with a real-life interviewer will be a game-changer that will boost your career to the maximum.

Here are the top 7 reasons why you should give mock interviews to an experienced real-life interviewer rather than your peers or mentors in the company.

1. Better Knowledge Regarding Interview Questions & Topics

A real-life interviewer is someone who has hands-on experience with the important questions that frequent an interview. In hindsight, you will not have the grim realization of not acing an important interview if you give mock interviews to a real-life interviewer.

The topics and questions that he/she is aware of are exclusive to the interviews, and it will help you with further preparation and help you unlock areas that were previously unexplored by you.

This is even reflected in interview stats:  92% of hired candidates say Mock Interview, a 'must-have experience' before appearing for the real one and it helped them immensely in cracking the actual interview.

2. Builds Up Confidence

As you enter an interview hall, you might shake and tremble out of nervousness.

However, if you have already aced your mock test with a real-life interviewer, your confidence is already strong and you believe in yourself because you have endured this environment while you were practicing it with a skilled interviewer.

Presenting your polished skill and shining through for the interview in your dream job is what every candidate desires.

3. Best Answer Structure

Interviewers know their way around a question as they have witnessed students answer the same question over and over again!

A consistent answer may give off the effect that you are among the generic mass which hinders them from seeing your uniqueness.

We see tons of candidates failing in their interviews just due to a lack of proper structuring of answers.

It gives an impression to the interviewer that the candidate doesn't know his/her concepts properly.

Most candidates don't know the correct ways to express and frame their answers.

Having seen the mistakes of thousands of candidates, Interviewers can help structure your answers in a manner that is required in interviews and avoid mistakes.

Interview preparation with interviewers can help you understand a question better and answer it in such a manner that makes your selection inevitable.

4. Help Nurture Important Skills For Interviews

Interviewers are skilled people who are observant and are quick to point out any shortcomings in your way of speaking, answering, walking, or even sitting.

Having a basic knowledge of how to present yourself in an interview is something that most prospective candidates ignore during their mock tests with peers.

You might be an excellent person for the job but you still might end up not getting hired due to the lack of these skills.

A real-life interviewer will foster those skills inside you and get you one step further in getting a job at your dream company.

Learn how to develop soft skills in this effective guide to get your next job.

5. Provides Key Evaluation Metrics

The intent behind mock interviews is to evaluate and analyze where you are making mistakes and work upon them so that you don’t make them in your actual interview.

An interviewer is an individual who has been actively involved in pointing out the flaws in any candidate as they have to choose the best of the best for their company.

As such, having a mock interview with such an influential person will tell you how you can present the best version of yourself towards the evaluators and give you a surge of energy to face your actual interview with might!

I know what you are thinking: "What's the point of even practicing mock interviews with peers? They don't really know what are the industry parameters to judge you on".

Now you know why it is so important to practice mock interviews with correct people.

This is exactly why we at Preplaced make sure that each of our mentors is a real-life interviewer at one of the top companies.

We make sure they are domain experts knowing every nitty-gritty detail of the interview space and have a neck towards helping others positively.

So that your mock interview experience is nothing less than a real interview!

6. Help You Create An Impeccable Resume

Selecting the most enticing resumes from a stockpile of thousands of resumes.

They have a great eye for applications that stand out and know what catches the eye of the evaluator.

These interviewers can analyze your resume and help you create one that stands out among other job seekers.

A resume is the first thing that gives the idea about your idea and profession to the prospective companies as such you need to make sure you leave an impression on them with how your present yourself on the resume.

A resume is much more than a written document, it is the virtual embodiment of you as a person.

How one visualizes you before they are interviewing you is already decided in their mind from what they read about you in the resume.

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7. Help Reap Out The Highest Value From A Mock Interview

While a peer or mentor may help you in the initial stages of an interview, a real-life interviewer will strengthen all your aspects from the core to unlock your full potential.

As Sope Agbelusi says, “Remember diamonds are created under pressure so hold on, it will be your time to shine soon.”

These interviewers put the necessary pressure on you to become great.

The greatness that you had but couldn’t connect with.

As a result, acing your interview will be a hoot rather than a challenge as you are already aware of the curve balls that the actual interview will throw at you.

Mock interviews will no longer give the sensation of a practice test but will feel like a real-life situation that you face in an interview.


These reasons are convincing enough to head right away for practicing with a real-life interviewer and make your rigorous practice fruitful through the work needed.

Interviews are tough, but if you crack the code and find the right answers to any question asked from you.

You will have no regrets after you come out of the interview.

Your perception about how a mock interview can help get your dream job will be clear of the fog, and you will be ready to face the real deal!

Weakness is a part of every person.

You need to tackle those weaknesses and turn them into strengths.

A mock interview is a tool that will help you in that process.

Peers and mentors are a strong support system, but what you need is a Guru who guides you and brings out the best version of you.

Don’t wait up! Head to Preplaced and get started with your mock interview sessions with industry-known recruiters today!

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