January 8, 2023
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1:1 Interview Preparation Program Success Roadmap at Preplaced

Learn about your journey from preparation to cracking your interviews under our long term interview preparation program in detail.

Welcome to the Preplaced Interview Preparation Experience!

As you know, Preplaced platform provides a wide array of mentorship solutions. But the complete 1:1 interview preparation program is built a bit differently.

Let me take you through the entire program experience, roadmap and its success journey.

With Preplaced’s 1:1 Interview Preparation Program, you get guidance from experts who have been in your shoes and have already climbed the success ladder. Through this program, you get customised and long-term mentorship from real-life interviewers at MAANG and top tech companies.

To make you understand the program experience better, I'm going to take you through Ruhi's interview preparation journey. 👉🏽

One of our mentees Ruhi is aiming to get placed in a MAANG company as a Senior Software Developer or SDE - II/III.

To get started, Ruhi books a trial session with a mentor who matches her requirements perfectly.

Choose your mentor

⭐️ Stage 1: Trial session with Mentor Keshav Patil

Ruhi books a trial session with her selected mentor Keshav Patil to dip her toes in the water and see what interview preparation with a mentor looks like before committing to the full program.

In the session, Ruhi gets to know the mentor and discusses her career goals and pain points.

During the session, Keshav resolves her queries regarding applying at MAANG. He answers some of her pressing questions regarding resume building and job application methods.

From the in-depth discussion of about 30 minutes, Ruhi understands what her preparation level is according to mentor Keshav. She gets a list of improvement areas, high-level plan of action and an ideal timeline to meet her goals.

⭐️ Stage 2: Getting Started with the long-term mentorship program

Ruhi is happy with the trial session because she feels that her mentor was able to guide her in the right direction. She has gained clarity about her aspirations and feels motivated after talking to Keshav.

She decides to begin her interview preparation journey with Keshav by purchasing a 1:1 long-term, personalised mentorship program with him.

She is certain that she will become interview-ready for MAANG in the next few months with an expert's end-to-end guidance and evaluation.

⭐️ Stage 3: Building a solid masterplan and a strategy to execute it

Ruhi is all set to begin her mentor-led interview preparation journey.

In the first session of the interview preparation program, which is the planning session, her mentor Keshav discusses her current preparedness level.

All the following components are listed in Ruhi's Planner Doc which she can easily access and can refer to whenever she wants.

✅ Mentor Evaluation Score: A rating on a scale of 1 to 10 showing her current preparedness level.

Mentor Evaluation Score

Then Keshav explains to Ruhi about the areas she needs to improve in to be able to reach her goals.

✅ Areas of Improvement: Skills that she needs to work on.

Skills that need improvement

In the first session, Ruhi understands the elaborate list of action items she needs to focus on.

✅ Plan of action: This includes steps that the mentor will take to prepare Ruhi.

Interview Plan of action

The most essential part of Ruhi's plan is this timeline that she needs to follow. This gives her plan a time-bound aspect which makes her want to complete her action items and tasks on time.

✅ Timeline: The ideal time duration for her to become interview-ready.

Interview Preparation Timeline

⭐️ Stage 4: Executing the plan: One task and resource at a time

Now that the perfect interview preparation plan for Ruhi is created, she moves forward with the execution part.

During this stage, she receives a list of tasks and resources from the mentor for preparation that can be accessed in her planner doc. 

Tasks and resources

Ruhi starts working toward the plan as per her already defined SMART goals.

Whenever she gets stuck on a problem, has a conceptual doubt or even on days when she is feeling a lack of motivation, she connects with Keshav on Slack.

Keshav, being a Preplaced mentor, is available on the dedicated Slack channel where he can constantly be in touch with Ruhi to provide hand-holding support whenever she needs it.

They schedule their weekly sync-up sessions as per their mutual availability and discuss Ruhi's progress. Keshav also conducts mock interviews for Ruhi so that she gets the real-life interview simulation from an expert who is a seasoned SDE professional and an interviewer at his company.

In one of the sync-up sessions, Keshav also reviews Ruhi's resume and gives her tips to improve it. He also asks her to practise her communication skills more.

⭐️ Stage 5: Continuous Evaluation and Feedback

Keshav starts evaluating her progress more thoroughly month by month through assessments and mock interviews.

Ruhi needs to get better at DSA round 2 and HLD and LLD to apply for the Senior Developer role. She gets assessments for DSA and system designs from Keshav.

He provides feedback on the areas she still needs improvement in and further defines the skill gaps that are stopping her from becoming absolutely interview-ready.

He keeps motivating and helping Ruhi on each step of the way to help her cross all her hurdles.

⭐️ Stage 6: Final revision

Ruhi becomes ready to appear for interviews at MAANG companies.

She receives additional support and guidance from her mentor Keshav in terms of her portfolio, LinkedIn profile, additional projects and revision that she needs.

Since Keshav is impressed with her overall performance throughout the program, she gets a referral from him and also gets invited to join his professional network.

⭐️ Stage 7: Cracking the interview

Ruhi cracks an Amazon interview with the help of her mentor after 4 months of preparation. 🎉

It was a lot of hard work - not just from Ruhi's side but also from her mentor Keshav's part. He really made sure that Ruhi gets placed in her dream company.

Had Ruhi not been placed after four months, Keshav would have carried on with the preparation program wit her. Because with Preplaced, it's all about helping a mentee meet their goal - till they get placed.

Here, your mentors take full responsibility of your interview preparation success and leave no stone unturned. 🔥

Now that you've gone through the entire interview preparation program roadmap, you understand what it is like to be in Ruhi's shoes.

So now you can also walk on the path to success with a personalised mentorship where the mentor will take complete responsibility of your preparation to help you crack your dream interview. 

And get placed with the help of REAL mentorship that is 1:1 personalised, long-term Preplaced mentorship. 

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