Planning For Success:

Your Bulletproof Go-To Guide for Acing Even the Most Dreaded Interviews


As recent as last year, we came across an experienced working professional who was looking for better opportunities. Once she managed to land herself a few interviews, she approached us at Preplaced to help her prepare for them. Just like every other candidate we’ve come across, she was nervous about the interview - not because she wasn’t sure if she’d be able to handle the job, but because she didn’t know how to cross the interview bridge.

As smart and hardworking as this individual and many others like her are, the one thing that keeps them from landing a job is not getting the interview process right. 

At Preplaced, we get such candidates on a daily basis. Lack of roadmap to up skill ,prepare and crack interviews at top companies is a real concern. In our experience as an interview preparation company, we have witnessed hundreds of candidates miss out on opportunities because they didn’t approach their interviews with a proper strategy

This is why we decided to come up with an Ultimate Guide to Cracking Interviews. A strategy guide prepared by combining tips & experiences of mentors, coaches and success stories of candidates around the world - so that you have a solid roadmap to follow for every interview going forward.

Interviewing for a job is akin to making a great first impression on a potential employer, and just like the job profile, it requires research and adequate preparation. Interviewing at various levels and for different job profiles requires a customised approach; be it preparing technical answers, HR questions, or tackling negotiations, interviewing is a skill that very few people have mastered. We have kept this in mind and tried to build a strategy that works for all - people from all domains, skill & experience level. Feel free to skip the chapters that don’t apply to you. We’ve kept pointers about the audience in each chapter

Based on our personal experiences with candidates and advice from mentors and well-known interviewers, we have put together a comprehensive 10 step guide to help you work out a strong interview preparation strategy. We are sure these steps will help you succeed in every interview with flying colors.

This guide is broken down into an interview preparation strategy, interview preparation plan, as well as helpful and proven tips and examples on how to prepare for an interview with success as your end goal. 

This interview preparation guide is divided into the following 10 chapters, each designed to walk you through various stages of the process specifically:

Section 1: Planning Your Interview Preparation Strategy

  • Chapter 1: Domain Identification
  • Chapter 2: Target Locked - Choosing the Right organization
  • Chapter 3: Recognising the Role
  • Chapter 4: Interview Resource Identification
  • Chapter 5: Setting Preparation Standards and Timelines

Section 2: Preparing For The Interview

  • Chapter 6: Commencing Interview Preparation
  • Chapter 7: Revision is Underrated 
  • Chapter 8: The Art of Evaluating Without Burning Out
  • Chapter 9: All Set for War

Section 3: Acing Your Interview

  • Chapter 10: Deploying Interview Preparation Strategies on D-Day