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Dikshit Maheshwari

Thank you, Dikshit! He helped me polish my resume by walking me through each section one by one in a logical order and giving me some good suggestions and practical tips for improving my presentation on the resume.

Nitin Rai
Dikshit Maheshwari
Software Development Engineer
Jimish Bhayani

Jimish is a good mentor as he helped me with the resume review and gave wonderful insights about the job role I was looking for. His experience in that role helped me understand it better and decide whether I should be proceeding forward with it or not.

Priyabrata Purohit
Product Specialist
Jimish Bhayani
Lead Member of Technical Staff (MTS)
Tanishq Mittal

After reviewing my resume my mentor gave me some really important feedback that I didn't know. He patiently answered all my doubts regarding my resume and the job. He shared his personal experience to give me a clear idea of the whole recruitment process. Indeed, the session was worth it.

Kishor Shivsharan
Full-stack Developer Intern
Tanishq Mittal
Software Developer Engineer
Kritika Agarwal

Kritika gave me valuable feedback not only just in regard to my resume building but also for my future course of action. She was well-informed and the information she gave was genuine and practical.

Ayon Mustafi
Software developer engineer
Kritika Agarwal
Software Engineer 2

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Digvijay singh

The session was informative indeed. Got great insights into creating a good resume.

Lalitha Pediredla

Drishti is a great mentor. She cleared all my doubts regarding my job review. She suggested to me a lot of important things that I need to improve my resume to land an interview with my dream companies.

Aastha Rastogi

The session was insightful. My mentor provided feedback on my resume and gave advice on the preparation journey.

Jemish Khunt
Android Developer

The session was great! The mentor is really down-to-earth. He gave guidance about all my points and solved my doubts. He reviewed my resume and also talked about interview planning

Shreya Singhee

The session was good. My mentor was really a helpful person by nature. He gave some really insightful tips and feedback to improve my resume.

Sai Srujana Jupudi
Associate solution leader

I had a great session with my mentor. After reviewing my resume she gave insightful feedback. She understood my current situation and guided me to the most suitable course of action.

Frequently asked questions

What is a resume review?

In a 1:1 resume review session, your mentor shares insights to improve your resume which increases your chances of getting a call from recruiters. Your mentor will not only help you optimise your resume but will give you valuable feedback on how you can make your resume ATS-friendly and impactful.

Who should sign up for a resume review session?

A resume review session is for all those job aspirants who are looking to get a call back on their applications. It’s the best for anyone who meets at least one of the following: - You are not getting shortlisted despite applying to various jobs. - You’ve never written a resume in your life for your target domain/role/company. - You have no clue about keyword optimisation and how to pass ATS. - You are switching domains and have doubts regarding what to add to your resume.

What is the duration and structure of the resume review session?

The duration of the session is 30 minutes. Here is the structure of the session: - 05 mins - Your mentor understands your current position, background & goals - 20 mins - The mentor analyses your resume and gives you insights into what recruiters look for. Your mentor tells you what impact your resume will have on the interviewers. Once your resume is completely reviewed, they’ll share some tips to improve and optimise it. - 05 mins - The mentor may share some resume templates and suggest some useful additions that your resume needs.

Will the mentor help me build my resume from scratch?

In this session, your mentor will provide you with detailed insights into how you can improve your existing resume to stand out in the hiring process. If you need help building your resume from scratch, your mentor might suggest some tools to do so.

Will the mentor help me optimise resumes for different job roles and companies?

Yes, absolutely. Your mentor will help you optimise the resume as per your requirements whether you’re applying for one or multiple job roles and companies.

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